Get your garden and patio ready for summer!


Daylight saving is already here and summer is just around the corner. That means it’s time for spring cleaning. Today, more and more often we regard our garden and patio as an extension of our living space – so we can’t neglect to clean them! Our patio and possibly our driveway are important outdoor elements. That’s only logical because both have an impact on the view from inside our home. Both elements have had a hard time over the winter. How can we get our patio, garden and driveway ready for summer and turn them into real eye-catchers?

Winter’s freezing temperatures, snow, ice and rain have done quite some damage. If we want to catch the first rays of sunlight and enjoy our garden to the full now that summer is slowly coming closer, then we have to properly tackle our patio, garden furniture, garden and driveway – and do so on time! Algae formation is one of the of the major consequences of a volatile winter. It likes to form on the cement grout between paving stones. If water has remained standing on our patio or garden furniture, a hazy, green ‘veil’ soon appears. Powerful cleaners are needed to remove this green menace from paving stones, garden furniture and patios. Often, powerful chemicals are used without taking into account the fact that these aggressive agents are directly entering our garden and nature in general! A dose of caustic substances lands on everything that grows and blooms in the garden or the substances run off into the lawn. We damage our garden furniture and paving stones by ‘scorching’ off the upper layer along with the green algae and dirt. Using a pressure washer doesn’t help the situation: the upper layer is ‘sanded’ off. Paving stones become ever thinner and damaged, and aggressive toxic substances soak into the soil. Moreover, that green veil reappears after a few weeks, especially if it rains.

It doesn’t have to be like this! By using biodegradable products you won’t cause any harm. Your garden will grow and bloom – and your garden furniture and paving stones will stay clean – the whole summer long. Hygeniq’s 100% effective, 100% safe and 100% eco-friendly outdoor cleaning products make your garden, garden furniture, patio and paving stones summer ready the whole summer long! The protective coating and nourishing cleaning effect prevent resoiling. Green deposits and algae formation are removed from your garden furniture, patio and paving in a safe and eco-friendly way Scrubbing and spraying are a thing of the past – all that is required is to allow the product to work for slightly longer. All HYGENIQ’s products are safe and mild to the skin, contain no harmful substances and produce no toxic fumes. Get to know HYGENIQ’s outdoor products: BBQ Cleaner, 3-in-1 Garden Furniture Cleaner, Garden Furniture Green Cleaner, Patio Green Cleaner and Brick Protect. Available soon in your supermarket and shops. Available now in an OUTDOOR Combi Pack on!


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