Based on the belief that our planet will not be able to fulfil the demand of future generations for fossil fuels and minerals, it is abundantly clear that our generation carries a heavy responsibility on its shoulders. Furthermore, global warming and climate change and the related disruptive effects on ecosystems are growing problems. Our planet has an impressive capacity to heal itself but it is our duty to ensure that we do not waive our right to exist by treating it – our home – carelessly and recklessly.

The exponential growth in the world’s population and the hunger for prosperity in emerging economies combined with the consumer excesses prevalent in affluent countries together constitute without a doubt the biggest challenge humankind has faced – or will face – in its short existence. Everyone is familiar with the expression β€˜the future belongs to the young’. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that future generations are not saddled with any more polluting products.

We therefore decided in 2010 to develop and manufacture all our products in a completely environmentally friendly way. Our starting point was that the products must function excellently and that our business and product concept as a whole could be described as being 100% genuinely sustainable and green.

Consequently, our products meet the most stringent OECD standards for biodegradability. Moreover, we have limited our use of packaging and have reduced our CO2 emissions significantly by applying sustainable, lightweight packaging concepts and producing our products as high concentrates. In addition, we recycle all our process and rinse water in our production processes, and production takes place using 100% certified Dutch wind power.

Our in-house R&D means that, using smart ecological raw materials and applying alternative technologies and biotech integration, we are able to develop products that work perfectly. Moreover, we are committed to only using raw materials and technologies that meet the criteria set down in our R&D manifesto. In addition, all our products must be excellent in terms of ecological footprint, safety, efficiency, and customer perception regarding scent, colour and efficacy.

All our innovations must fulfil the 100% ECO and 100% SAFE criteria listed below. We are proud to be able to say that our sustainability manifesto is the most stringent that we have encountered on our market.

  • Only ecological raw materials are processed in our products
  • Taking into account ethical aspects such as working conditions, deforestation problems, and so on
  • No use of non-renewable minerals like oil or phosphorus
  • No use of harmful substances such as naphtha, chlorine, phosphates, phosphonates, EDTA, NTA, and so on
  • No harmful propellants
  • Optimum biodegradability, readily biodegradable
  • No toxic (poisonous) substances
  • Safe for people and animals, neutral pH or mild to the skin
  • Only natural fillers, fragrances and/or colourants, and only when usage so requires
  • Only 100% organic probiotics
  • No genetically modified organisms or enzymes
  • No aggressive acids
  • Only biobased solvents and surface-active substances
  • Highly concentrated > dilution for use from 0.1% > limited packaging waste and transport
  • Sustainable packaging concepts with a 95% reduction in waste
  • Dosing concepts with guaranteed usage reduction

In the future, we hope to share with our fellow inhabitants, our children and future generations, a planet that has become more liveable and sustainable – to a smaller or greater degree – thanks to the application of our principles.

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