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Next generation cleaning

How cleaning can change our future

By changing the way we clean, we can change the future of our planet. We believe our cleaning solutions help build a better world for now and generations to come. We can't take the hassle out of cleaning but we can make it safe and green.

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Who we are

We are HYGENIQ – or rather, we are the people behind the products of HYGENIQ. We started out as owners of a successful cleaning company, when we realized that the products we used to clean were not clean and harmful themselves. There are often harsh chemicals that are harmful for the environment and pretty dangerous to work with. We didn't want that. We realized that for the world and next generation, we needed to change the way we clean in order to change the future and the present.

What we do

We developed a range of different ecological cleaning solutions to clean every surface imaginable in and around your home. Glass, ovens, stainless steel. Your car. The entire kitchen. It’s safe. It’s effective. And it’s green. Friendly for everything but dirt.

Next Generation cleaning

What we want is pretty simple: we want a better world now and for the generations to come. How we do this is by developing a revolutionary cleaning solution: one that is 100% safe, 100% effective and 100% ecological. We’re in this together. We’re all living on this planet. We are all responsible for the earth, the environment, and the world our children and more generations will live on. We have to make it as clean as possible – for them and ourselves.

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