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Bio-alcohol spray 150 ml

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Bio-alcohol spray 150 ml

DERMAL MED S.33 is a 70% alcohol effective non-perfumed bio-alcohol spray that provides optimal results without harming the skin.

Produced under Cradle2Cradle GOLD certified guidelines.


  • 100% biodegradability, fully readable biodegradable
  • 0% unrenewable mineral derivatives (No petroleum-based alcohol)
  • 0% harmful substances
  • 0% (eco)toxic substances
  • Skin neutral
  • Only natural fillers, fragrances and dyes
About this product

DERMAL MED S.33 is an effective hygienic spray that ensures an optimal result without stressing the skin. Regular use of DERMAL MED S.33 prevents the risk of unwanted manual transmission of substances harmful to health. DERMAL MED S.33 is 100% safe for the environment and contains no hazardous components, is gentle on the skin and completely safe for humans, animals and the aquatic environment. Due to the added skin care ingredients it prevents dry hands and is very suitable for frequent use.

Innovative sustainable technology: DERMAL MED S.33 is based on innovative molecular technology. All our products are developed in accordance with the strict guidelines of the HYGENIQ sustainability manifesto. Please visit https://professional.hygeniq.com/duurzaamheidsmanifest/ for more information. Packaging: HYGENIQ uses sustainable packaging materials such as Plantbased Bio-PE and Post Consumer Recycled PET for its products. For more information, visit https://professional.hygeniq.com/over-ons/verpakkingen/ - 12 x 150 ml PCR-Pet vial with pump spray / art.code: E150005

Instructions for use

Wash heavily soiled hands beforehand. Apply an appropriate dosage of DERMAL MED SPRAY S.33 to dry hands and rub in for up to 40 sec. for optimum hygiene. Do not rinse hands but let them air dry.

HYGENIQ Dermal med S.31 ingrediënten

- Transparent liquid - pH in concentrate: approx. 7 - Alcohol percentage: 70%

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